Etiquette 101 is a Free Web Based Etiquette Training Program to upgrade your social skills on a list of good manners and other related issues. Join Etiquette Police to benefit from this course.

A List of Good Manners


Looking for a List of Good Manners?
 Etiquette Police offers a free online Etiquette 101 course to upgrade your knowledge on A List of Good Manners issues and other related topics. A lot of people these days are looking for information on a list of good manners to polish their professional outlook.


What is Etiquette 101?

Etiquette 101 is a free online Etiquette Training Course to upgrade your social skills.  This training program is designed to enhance professionalism and help you put your best foot forward in varied business and social situations.  In today's fast-paced environment, there is a need for an awareness of what is socially acceptable.  When people come in contact with highly educated and cultivated men and women our opinions about them are mostly formed by their refined manners.  This course will help improve your Etiquette IQ through concise notes and quizzes. You will then be able to measure this added knowledge by taking an online Final Exam.

Message from Professor Etique

 Etiquette 101 is a highly useful course designed to polish the rough edges in your social skills. This course gives you the essential information on manners in a concise and plain English.  It will help you develop the elements of politeness in today's cross cultural environment.  I, therefore, urge you to register for this free course and help us all excel in politeness and professionalism.

 Join us and be a part of the educated and cultivated community.

Professor Etique

Chief Etiquette Officer
Department of Public Etiquette


 The Etiquette 101 Certificate Course is divided into the following units. 

Unit 1 – Dine like a Diplomat
Covers the Dining and Table Manners

Unit 2 – Business Etiquette
For Business and Corporate Situations                                           

Unit 3
– Cultural Notes
Provides info on Global Cultural Differences

Unit 4 – Wedding Etiquette
          For Dating and Wedding Situations

Unit 5 – Potpourri
        Covers Flag, Funeral, Netiquette etc.

The only pre-requisite for taking this course is a desire to improve your social grace. Once you’ve registered yourself with the Etiquette Police, you can login anytime at your own convenience. This course can be completed at your own pace. You may complete this course in less than a day, or as long as it takes. The idea is to make sure you have grasped all the information in an effective way. After taking all five units you can take the Final Exam to evaluate yourself on Etiquette 101 course material.

You will receive a certificate in your email after passing the Final Exam. This certificate will testify that you have successfully completed Etiquette 101 course material. You can then be a proud graduate of the Etiquette Police Certification Program. And of course, a Certified member of the Department of Public Etiquette.

So help yourself take the first step and join Etiquette Police as a cadet. It will take you less than a minute to register.

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