Course Outline

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  1. How much does this course cost?

  This course is absolutely free.


  1. When can I take the Final Exam?

  You can take the Final Exam after completing all the five units.


  1. How long does it take to complete this course?

  This is a self paced course. You can complete this course in less than a day, or as long as it may take.


  1. Can I take any unit I want or do I have to follow a certain sequence?

  You may take any of the units you feel comfortable with as long as you complete all the five units. There certainly is no bar on which unit you may take first.


  1. How do I move to the next unit?

  Each unit will have a short quiz to reinforce the acquired information. You are expected to answer at least three of those five quiz questions correctly before moving to the next unit.


  1. How is the Final Exam like?

   The Final Exam consists of a hundred multiple choice questions taken from all the five units. In order to pass this course you have to answer ninety of those hundred questions correctly.


  1. What if I fail the exam the first time?

 You can try again later.  There is no limit on the number of times you take the Final Exam. The idea is to make sure that you have grasped all the information at your own pace.


  1. How will I receive my certificate?

 You will receive the certificate in your email after passing the Final Exam.


  1. Who is Professor Etique?

 Professor Etique is an imaginary CEO (Chief Etiquette Officer) of the Department of Public Etiquette.


  1. What is Professor Etique's List of Honor?

   If you score 100% in your Final Exam you are included in Professor Etique's List of Honor.