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Online Quiz 


1. You are a junior executive at a social function and meet the CEO of an important corporation. After a brief chat, you give him your business card. Is this correct?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Doesn¡¯t matter.

2.      You are in the USA entering a limousine with an important client. You will position yourself so the client is seated in the back seat, passenger side. Are you correct?

A.     Yes

B.     No 

3. When socializing at a cocktail party, it is best to hold your glass in which hand?

A. Right hand

B. Left hand

4. When a Japanese person says ¡°Yes¡± (hai), it most probably means: 

A. Yes, I agree with you

B. Yes that is what I am going to do

C. Yes, I hear what you are saying

 5. In New York what is the correct way of calculating tip?

A. 5% of the total bill.

B. Double the tax amount

C. Equals to the tax amount 

6. In Saudi Arabia, when making up your schedule of appointments for the week, should you include Friday in your business meetings? 

A. Yes

B. No

 7. Look at the picture below and tell if it¡¯s the American or Continental style of dining. 


A. American Style

B. Continental Style

8. Look at this picture and choose the correct answer


A. You have finished eating

B. You want to rest or speak

C. You want to call a waiter.

9.  When walking into a theatre the lady goes first into the room, however, the guy should first enter the row of seats.

A. True

B. False.

10. Upon the death of a former President of the USA, how long should the US flag fly at half-staff?

A. 3 days

B. 30 days

C. 10 days